High quality Waste tyres recycling machinery

Why we need waste tyres recycling machinery?

As human society entered the 21st century, plastic and rubber products has become a necessity of life, but the white pollution and black pollution are very serious for the environments and seriously address this problem the whole world of common concern.
Huayin technical staff after years of study, developed the use of waste plastics, waste tyres, waste rubber, waste oil production fuel oil technology, that is Waste tyres/plasitc recycling machine, it has become an important parts of solving environmental pollution. At the same time, to a certain extent, ease the energy shortage, creating huge economic benefits. 

Reactor of Waste tyres recycling machine:

Reactor is the most important parts of Waste tyres recycling machine, if the reactor has any quality problem, you machine will stop working. Let's see why huayin reactor is different from others:
1. The material of reactor is Q345R boiler plate or S311 steel plate. There is mainly used for pressure vessel because it can be continuously heated for long time.
2. Auto-welding.
3. The reactor is fully covered by thermal insulation. Heat preservation effect is good.
4. The gear is separated from the reactor. It avoids deformation after being heated for long time. Even it is broken you only need to change the gear. The maintenance cost is low.
5. Gaps are sealed by asbestos pad.
6. There is an safety net inside the reactor. It prevents the raw materials going to accessories and avoiding blocking.
7. There are spiral plates inside of the reactor cab help to auto-feed and slag.
8. Feed port is round shape. It can work with auto-feeder. It helps you feed more raw materials and improve productivity.

Auto feeder of Waste tyres recycling machine:

Auto feeder can help to reduce the working time, it can load raw materials into reactor automatically. Let's see the reactor features:
1. 50 tons hydraulic pressure, can feed 500KG one time.
No need to cut tires. It can feed whole tires into reactor.
With auto-feeder you can feed more raw materials and save time.
4. There is a winding engine in the lower  auto-feeder. It is used to draw the steel wire out from reactor.
5. Using the auto feed, no need to wait for the reactor cooling down after deslagging.
6. Save your labors

Final products from Waste tyres recycling machine:
1. tire oil:  30%-50%      You could sell it to oil refining factory directly, use it for heating. 
2. carbon black: 25%-30%    You can sell it directly, or make further process. There are two ways to process carbon black. The carbon black can be processed into briquette or color master with our related equipment.
3. steel: 15%-20%
4. gas and water: 5%-10%      You can sell the steel wire directly. It can be valued about 2000RMB PER TON in China. 

Why choose Huayin Waste tyres recycling machine:

1. No need shred tyres, with auto feeder, could feeding whole tyre directly. 
2. Double feeding doors, bigger one for tyres, smaller one for plastics. 
3. Double catalyst chamber, and also add molecular sieve, it can absorb impurities, in this way avoid congestion and improve oil quality. Besides, two catalyst chambers could reach double effect of catalytic, decrease pressure and remove the dust from the oil gas. 
4. Two horizontal condensers instead of 5 vertical condenser, and also the volume of one horizontal condenser can be equaled with 3 vertical condensers. Besides, the length has twice, so cooling effect will be better, in this way oil output can be guaranteed and raised. 
5. Another two length cooling pipes, the cooling area can be equaled with one vertical condenser, in this way, the cooling result will be better than our forth generation.
6. Double anti-back fire device and two long cooling pipes. Double anti-back fire device will be more safety,and also make full recycling tail gas. 
The two long pipes can be equaled with one vertical condenser, it will cooling down the tail gas again, guarantee oil output. 
7.The exhaust gas, it is white, no pollution, even if you put a white towel on it, you can not see any black. It can meet the emission standard of International required.

HUAYIN means voice from Lord. Our backgroud is Christian, our boss is Lord, leading us turn waste tire, waste plastic into oil, Waste tyres recycling machine, being an environmental cleaner. 
Welcome to visit us at anytime. 

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