Used tires to oil machine
With Industrial progress, the emergence of new manufacturing facilities will inevitably lead to an increase of industrial and household wastes. A significant part of the MSW consists of rubber waste and plastic wastes: gaskets, hoses, conveyor belts, rubber rugs, protective clothing, etc. But the major environmental challenge is used tires. Every year, there are more than 1 million tons of used tires produced in China. In Europe countries, this figure rises to 2.5 million tons, in the United States—even up to 3 million tons. Find new green way to recycle so many used tires is of great environmental and economic significance for all countries around the world.

Here comes the Huayin used tires to oil machine, it adopts the 100% recycling pyrolysis technology. The pyrolysis technology is characterized by high temperatures, conversion rates and continuum of processes ranging from thermal decomposition of rubber without addition of any reactive gases, such as air or oxygen. The used tires to oil machine pyrolysis process transforms scrap tires into a valuable fuel products and creates renewable energy sources. Used tires to oil machine technologies handle used tires through a process of thermal treatment to convert them into a fuel product: combustible gas, crude oil and steel wire, carbon black. The resultant pyrolysis gases can be used for energy production, fuels or chemical production, which significantly reduces the power consumption for processing – energy is only required during startup and emergency situations.

Used tires to oil Pyrolysis is process of molecular breakdown where larger molecules are broken down into smaller molecules. Used tires to oil machine is an industry designed to carry out pyrolysis of waste plastic & tyre. In the case of plastic/tire pyrolysis, long chain polymer is broken down into smaller chains of Hydrocarbon Gas and Pyrolysis Oil. Heat and catalyst are required for the reaction. The working process is outlined as the following:
1. Feed the whole waste tires or scrap tires into reactor, seal the reactor tightly.
2. Heat the reactor by burning the fuel (coal, wood, natural gas, oil) in the combustion system. The temperature in within the reactor is controlled and smoothly increased;
3. There is a thermocouple installed the oil gas outlet to test the oil gas temperature, when thermocouple show 120 Celsius degree, the oil gas will come out, then go through the cooling system become oil. 
4. At same time, there are some gas (CH4, C2H6, C3H8, C4H10 and H2) which can not be cooled under normal pressure; they will be recycled back to combustion system to burn as energy.

The main equipment is: Reactor, catalyst chamber, water-oil separator, two big horizontal Condensers (great cooling effect), two oil tank, anti-back fire device, negative pressure device, vacuum device, buffer tank, water jet flue, condenser pipe, de-dusting system, draft fan and chimney.
Used tires to oil machine pyrolysis technology is one of the most environmental friendly, cost-effective options for treating a wide variety of rubber products and plastics. Our machine have been installed in maany developing and developed countries India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Lebanon, Russia, Turkey, Slovakia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Spain, Jordan, Poland, Czech, Ecuador and Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Ethiopia and South Africa.

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