What can we get from waste tyre pyrolysis recycling

What can we get from waste tyre pyrolysis:

    First, Let's talk about "WASTE TO ENERGY" project. In one word, WTE means the process of converting waste tyre/plastic/engine oil to useful fuel oil and valuable diesel. See what can we benefit: WTE processes will make an impact on our environment and will be a quite lucrative investment! This WTE process eliminates landfills, piles of used tires, asbestos, and toxic material by converting the waste into electricity, fuel, steam, construction/highway aggregate, and a superior insulation and creates jobs.
    Waste tyre pyrolysis is a recycling technique that converting plastic or tyre waste into industrial fuels like pyrolysis oil, monomers, or other valuable materials by thermal and catalytic cracking processes like carbon black, steel wire and hydrocarbon gas. It allows the treatment of mixed, unwashed plastic wastes.

Final products output from Waste tyre pyrolysis:

Tire fuel oil: 45%    
Carnon black: 30%    
Steel wire: 15%    
Flammable oil gas: 10%  

Final products Application:

Tire fuel oil: Oil from our recycling pyrolysis machine can be used as industrial fuel materials for burning.    
Carbon black: Carbon black from this machine is crude, so you can sell it to the brick factory as internal combustion or to the factory which need it as raw materials, such as shoe, tire, cable and sealant companies. You can take carbon black for deep processing.    
Steel wire: It can be sold to the iron and steel company directly.  
Flammable oil gas: It can be recycled to the reactor to burn as fuel material.

Six models of the Waste tyre pyrolysis for your choice:

2200× 6000mm HY-6T
2200× 6600mm HY-7T
2600× 6000mm HY-8T
2600× 6600mm HY-9T
2800× 6000mm HY-10T
2800× 6600mm HY-12T


What do we have?

1. Established in 1993 to 2014, HUAYIN group specialized at manufacturing Waste tyre pyrolysis fuel oil plant.  
2. From the first original device to today's newest 6th generation pyrolysis plant, we accumulate rich experience in this field.    
3. We have 30 experienced professors with independent laboratory and 2000 square meters demo running factory which displays our equipment from the first generation device to the 5th generation equipment.    
4. Standard laboratory can test kinematic viscosity, flash point and other aspect of the fuel oil. If you need, we can also give you on-site decoloring presentation.    
5. 5-12 MT/batch capacity model for your choice.    
6. CE, ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001.    
7. 9 national patents.
In addition to the above tyre recycling pyrolysis machine, we also have the oil distillation machine and deodrant equipment. Let' us work together to do this green waste to energy cause. Welcome to choose.

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