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Annual Meeting and Spring Festival Celebration Show of Huayin

With the Chinese Spring Festival is at the corner, the Chinese lunar new year is going near to the end, annual meeting 2018 and celebration show of Huayin staff was hod on 27th January 2019.
At the morning, the staff who would present performance came to celebration location very early, they consciously found their own team, started to do last rehearsal before show starts.
At the central of the show, the stage has been already prepared, Chinese lantern and festival lights have also been decorated on the ceiling, everything was ready, only waiting for commencement.
At 8:30, the annual meeting was commenced with the hosts announcing. Everybody listened to hosts with happiness smile. The veteran director made a remark to summary 2018 and look forward to 2019, thank for everybody’s efforts to the achievement of 2018, and expect all staff make more efforts to the promising 2019. Then CEO addressed a speech to introduce his plan of Huayin future, all staff were encouraged and clapped for top manager’s strategic planning. Consequently all staff made pray for Huayin’s 2019. Then Director and CEO awards the talent staff in 2018.
Afterwards the fantastic programs were performed one by one, moved melody, beating song, motivated poet recite, comic play, people like all programs, they all welcomed their performance with waves of hand clap and applause.    
With the activated song, this show came to the end. Everybody greeted each other, thanks for their help and coordination in 2018, wish themself have a promising new year, and enjoy the happiness of Chinese Spring Festival.

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