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Huayin’s One-week Tour in Japan

Huayin Foreign Trade Team had a wonderful sightseeing in Japan from February 26th to March 4th, 2019.

(A lake at the foot of Fuji Mountain, Japan)

In 2018, Huayin got over 100 overseas orders, showing Huayin’s strength, clients’ trust as well as Huayin staff’s hard work.  

(Japanese food)

So to thank all colleagues’ contributions in 2018 and encourage them to achieve more in 2019, Huayin leaders awarded the Foreign Trade Team a tour to Japan.

During this tour, the colleagues not only had a good time, visited many scenic spots, but also broadened their horizons and experienced many Japanese culture.

(DIY Sushi)

Through this journey, all colleagues feel more united and energetic about work.Expecting a fruitful 2019 and another overseas travel in 2020!

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