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JIIME Jordan with HUAYIN GROUP: a Show Field for Waste Pyrolysis Machine

HUAYIN GROUP in JIIME Jordan 2015:
During the JIIME Jordan 2015, HUAYIN GROUP will bring the newest technolygy--6th gerneration pyrolysis
machine to its booth in JIIME Jordan. Without any emmision, the pyrolysis machine produced by HUAYIN 
GROUP has reached the European Environmental Standard and has a high oil rate in the conversion between
the waste and the renewable energy. The team members of HUAYIN GROUP will present the visitors the
most detailed explanation about the machine, the most enthusiastic reception and the most sincere service.

Exhibition name: China Machinex 2015, JIIME Jordan
Date: 19th-22th, Sep., 2015
Add: Amman International Motor Show Exhibition CenterJordan
Booth Number: J206

Introduction of the JIIME Jordan:
Jordan International Industries & Machinery Exhibition is the leading Sourcing Exhibition in the Levant region. 
The advantages of JIIME Jordan are as follows: 
1. 85% of Machinery imports to Iraq are from Jordan
2.  it’s the only International Machinery show in the Levant Region
3.103 million USD on-in-spot deals in 2013
4. 11th edition with strong visitor participation from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon

The Review of JIIME Jordan in 2014:
The 11th edition of Jordan International Industries & Machinery Exhibition predominantly attracted visitors not 
only from the Levant region but also from all the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, 
Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon etc. China Fair Jordan ended with resounding success in 2014, proving why the show
 is one of the most important events for Chinese products in Jordan with more than 9,318 visitors, 300 exhibitors
 in 20,000 sqm exhibition space. The show had generated over 127 million USD which 30 million USD were made onsite.

The exciting news is that this time we will take our newset prove technology the 6th generation machine plastic to oil plant, tyre recycling to oil plant to the exhibition. The born of the 6th generation pyrolysis machine have it's practical significance.
In the February of 2014, my boss visited some European countries, such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria and Czech, seriously heard customers' advice, many European concern environmental friendly, if the machine is no pollution, they can get government approval easily, and some also can get subsidy to recycle waste. After he came back to China, combine the experienced engineers and suggestions from university professors, we invented the 6th generation machine.
Sometimes maybe customers want to transfer the plant from a place to another place, new 6th generation tyre to oil, plastic to oil plant can very easy to disassemble and assemble together. While old design is very hard to do like this. 

If you want to know more details about the 6th generation Plastic to oil conversion machine, tire to oil conversion machine, welcome to visit our booth at the exhibition, yuo can also send us email or call us anytime, welcome to visit our factory! See you in Jordan!


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