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The Newest waste plastic to fuel machine in China

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is a branch company of HUAYIN GROUP. We are specialized in manufacturing waste recycle to energy equipment. 
My boss begins to refine oil since 1993, during the practical operation, he met many problems, one time the fire went up to roof and one part roof was collapsed. Because of our operation experience and customers’ feed backs, we know what is the most important and where should be taken more attention during operation. Until now we have developed from the 1st generation to the 6th generation, what’s more, we have 11 patent certificate and other companies copy us, but we keep innovating and the technology is very advanced compare with others. When we have new technology, also can help you upgrade. 

Let’s see some details you may cared about the plastic to fuel machine:
Reactor material: Q345R/Q245R/310S+Boiler plate/Stainless steel
Thickness of reactor: 14mm/16mm/18mm
Weight: 18-35 ton
Electricity needed: 300 unit per batch
Space needed: Width 10m, length 30-40m
Labor needed: 3-4 workers
Density of oil (at 15℃): Tire pyrolysis oil:0.9133 g/cm3; Plastic pyrolysis oil:0.973g/cm3
Gross calorific value: Tire pyrolysis oil: 44.30MJ/kg; Plastic pyrolysis oil:42.79MJ/kg
Water required: 40 ton (circulating water for cooling down oil gas to oil)
Heating fuel required per batch: (you can choose any one of them as heating material)
1. 5000 kilocalorie coal: 500kg;  2. Fuel oil, diesel fuel:170-200kg;  3. Natural gas: 270-300 cubic meter;  4. Wood: 700-800kg.

Now the six generation waste plastic to fuel machine is the newest machine in our factory, let’s see it advantages:
1. It is overground base, there is no need to make the foundation after the machine send to your place. The installation time will be 7 days. It can save you one month. If you dig the foundation and build it with concrete and the manpower consumption will be more than USD10000. And time is money, one month you can earn about USD40000. (Take one batch USD2000 profit, one month 20 batches).
2. It is indirect heating. It can prolong the lifespan of the reactor. The life will be three times than the fifth generation plant.
3. Carbon black slagging. There is no need any carbon black slagging devices to take the carbon black out as it is overground and we design one bucket in which all of carbon black can go into. And you can also choose the screw conveyors.
4. No water cleaning pool. We designed the special dedust device which can remove the dusts the flue gas from coal, wood and natural gas.
5. It can save you land. As the fourth and fifth generation plant needs 300-400 Square meters, but the sixth generation needs 150 square meters.

Welcome to visit Huayin running waste plastic to fuel machine at any time! We are located in Xinxiang city, Henan province. The nearest airport is Zhengzhou Xinzheng international airport, we are glad to pick up you at the airport!


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