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Tyre pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh customer bought Huyain waste to oil pyrolysis plant at the end of 2014, his raw material is waste tyres. He said: "the waste tyres in Bangladesh is easy and cheap to get, you can see many waste tyres thrown away, and collect them very easy, you can even get them for free at some places, and some areas you can buy it at low price. That's why we finally decide to invest in this project for it’s low cost and bright prospect".

After 2 months installation in Bangladesh with huayin experienced engineer guiding and workers training, the waste tyre pyrolysis plant finished installation. And now the machine is running well in customer factory now.

Hauyin waste tyre pyrolysis plant have different size to meet customer requirements. Our machine capacity varies from 3 ton to 12 ton for scrap tyres and plastics, the minimum machine is 3 ton per batch, and the maximum capacity is 12 ton per day, clients can choose the suitable according their needs.
Now the newest machine is 6th generation pyrolysis machine, it is launched at the end of last year 2014. Let’s see the most advanced technique:

1. Quick installation
It only takes 7-10 days to finish installation and then machine starts running. 
All the welding works are already done before shipping, clients can assemble the machine fast by themselves.  
2. Indirect heating way  
It can prolong the reactor’s service life 3-4 times longer than the ordinary design.  
(Service life of ordinary designed reactor is 500-750 batches).
3. No need to make foundation
There will be no extra cost for cement foundation building after purchasing. 
4. Dust Removal System has the newest technology-DRY dust removing technology instead of ordinary design.
It is unnecessary to build water pool and reaches European Emission Standard.
5. Waste gas storage  
We have a special design to store the excess waste gas and which can be used as fuel for next batch heating, and help clients save fuel cost.
6. Discharge carbon black under a completely sealing condition, no dust pollution. 
7. Easy to transfer the location
If clients want to change the installation site, he can move the machine easily. 


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