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Huayin Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

      At the end of May, 2017, Huayin International sales team were trained at the factory about our latest continuous pyrolysis technology.
     Huayin continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant have several highlights. Firstly, it adopted PLC automatic monitor system, the operator’s touch screen will make the work more effective. It can save the cost of worker and also improve the productivity. This continuous pyrolysis machine is fully sealed, it will be more green. Because it will lessen the emission in the process. This is a environmental friendly technology with no pollution. It converts the waste tires to useful and valuable final products. The most important part is that this continuous pyrolysis plant has two systems. When something was in trouble, the standby system will operate automatically.

     After this training, we know more of our plant and our continuous pyrolysis technology. We are full of confidence of this waste recycling business, and we will keep going on this green road! We look forward to bring this pyrolysis technology to all the world!

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