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Huayin International Sales Department Outdoor Training

       On August 6th to 8th 2017, Huayin international sales department organized a three days trip for outdoor training and rafting. It is a reward for the sales performance in the last seven months and also as a new beginning for the coming days. This is a trip that all of us longing for, so we set foot on the journey to Yaoshan with this excitement.
       In two-days outdoor training we took pat in six activities, like squat down stand up, Blind Men Guessing an elephant, net and bounce the ball, and rip the name tag off. What really impressed me is squat down stand up and rip the name tag off. Squat down stand up is a game of two teams. All of us are divided into two teams, standing back to back and then holding the arms who stand next to you. The rule is counting the time from squat down to stand up for all people. The drillmaster asked two persons to give us a demonstration before we start, and they using 7.9 seconds. Thus we accepted the challenge of 15 seconds, but what surprised us is it took 13.79 seconds we all stand up. The next is 7.37seconds, 6seconds, as the less time we are using we all feel excited. At the same time we feel a little worried because we don’t know whether we could get a better result. With our unremitting efforts and the guidance of drillmaster, the last time we stand up in 1 second. This is a result that we couldn’t imagine at first. All of us lumped up and cheered up excitedly to celebrate this moment. Only we trust in our teammates and give our back to them could we see the enormous potential of our team.
       Rip the name tag off is the most instance game. Everyone is trying their best to overcome their opponent. Whether it is sweating or injured, no one cower, no one give up. Even through the thin girls show stunning perseverance facing stronger opponent. Everyone has great potential, everyone has a unique value.
Whether competitive activity or cooperative activity is helpful to us. Because we find the shortcomings of our team and we know we still have plenty of room for improvement. It is beneficial to our group cohesiveness and give us time to adjust our own status. I believe that as long as our Huayin team work together we will create a greater miracle!

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