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Color and Odor Removal System

  • Input material: Waste tire/plastic fuel oil, distillation oil
  • Output products: Diesel oil
  • Certification: CE, ISO, SGS, BV
  • Reactor thickness: 14mm/16mm/18mm
  • Machine type: Batch type
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6th Generation waste tyre pyrolysis oil plant

Color and smell removal system:

With the oil distillation equipment, customer will get diesel oil, while, the oil color is little dark with bad smell. Here comes the color and smell removal system, it can remove the black color and smell, you will get clean diesel oil as end products. Please see below picture.


Item Main technical parameter
Model type HYT-800 HYT-950 HYT-1800
Dimension(mm) 800*H1200 950*H2000 1800*H3020
Volume(m 3 ) 1 1.78 7.68
Design pressure(Pa) (5-8)*105 (5-8)*105 (5-8)*105
Load type Solid decolorizer Liquid decolorizer Liquid decolorizer
Daily capacity(T) 3 4 5

We have the final oil SGS report to show you the detailed data of main parameters:

End products:

Raw material Waste tire fuel oil
Waste plastic fuel oil
Waste engine fuel oil
End product Diesel oil
Oil ratio 92%-95%
Usage Apply to tractors, trucks, ships, diesel oil generators, power generators

Profit analysis:

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