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Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

  • Input material: Waste tire, rubber, Medical waste, MSW
  • Output products: Fuel oil, Carbon black, Syngas
  • Capacity/D: 5-30 tons
  • Machine type: Continuous type
  • Configuration:Highly automatic operation system with PLC monitor
  • Service life: 10 years
  • Certification: CE, ISO, SGS, BV
  • EU emission standard: 100% non-pollution waste tyre recycling
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6th Generation waste tyre pyrolysis oil plant

Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant:

HY-30 Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant is controlled automatic mode from the operator’s touch screen. Process data is controlled and monitored by various instruments and a control system. Safety interlock system monitoring deviations from main process parameters ensures the plant’s safe operation and long life. The plant is supplied with air cooling system that cools media (cooling water). HY-30 Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant include the following assemblies: pyrolysis assembly, condensation assembly, control system equipped with safe start devices.
Reactor adopt anti-coking solution, totally different from other China manufacturer, no dust adhering on the wall.
Customer can check the machine running in our factory before shipment, then load into the container and directly on board at Qingdao port.


Technical data Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Capacity 5-30 tons/day
Voltage 380V/50hz
Electric power consumption 11KW
Alternative fuel type for startup Natural gas/heavy fuel oil
Heavy fuel oil 800kg/Day
Lead time 45Days
Plant minimum area occupied 32 meters length, 15 meters width, 10 meters height
Condensation assembly weight 7±5% tons
Pyrolysis reactor weight 40±5% tons
Pyrolysis reactor diameter 1700 mm
Maximum temperature of oil gas 200 ℃
Cooling media type and its temperature at the inlet of the HX Cooling water no more than 40 ℃
Required utilities Initial cooling water supply Electric power supply

Working Process Description:

The source material is continuously fed into pyrolysis reactor, where it is decomposed under heating in a primarily non-reactive environment.
1. Solid wastes (plastic/tyre/rubber) is fed by screw conveyor from the hopper.
2. The pyrolysis reactor is heated by the fuel burner. When the heat temperature rises to the set value, the decomposition process starts.
3. After the operation process is stable, heating is carried out by gas burner operating on pyrolysis gas.
4. From the pyrolysis reactor, the oil gas goes into condensers. Then it is cooled in the heat exchanger.
5. Oil gas enters the condenser, cools down to liquid while the non-condensed gas is used as fuel to sustain the heating process, enhancing its performance and significantly reducing operating cost.
6. The solid residue is discharged from the lower part of the reactor and shifted to receiving hoppers by the screw conveyor without oxygen access.


1. Guarantee on the equipment after putting into service –one year. Guarantee on the equipment from the date of shipment -18 months. Service life -10 years.
2. Thermal decomposition plant is equipped with online monitoring modules, requiring internet access for data recording.

Profit analysis:

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